Best Robot Vacuum

It is often a top desire to maintain a clean living space. However, it can sometimes be a genuine challenge. Not exactly because it is difficult, it is just that it may require a bit more time than we can afford.

Traditional vacuum cleaners do not help much in this regard. […]

Best Bluetooth Mouse

We would be frank with you, and we certainly hope you are frank to yourself; a mouse is often not a priority. Of course, when the cursor is not indicating or working fine, it becomes a priority: but then, when it gets to buying a PC, we’re talking RAM, SSD, […]

Best Star Projector

An indoor laser star light show can be a relaxing and truly amazing activity. To get the best out of the show, you will want to use one of the best star projectors available. Pinpointing the best star projector is not particularly a walk in the park.

Stationary and portable options […]

Best Short Throw Projector

“Regular,” “Short Throw,” “Ultra Short Throw” are terms to define how far out from the screen the projector has to be to project a suitably clear image. The traditional projector is required to be positioned a considerable distance away from the screen. However, this led to concerns about shadows obstructing […]

Best Projector Under $1000

In the projector industry, there is a device at every price point. From the very expensive sporting next-gen innovations, to the very cheap variants that are barely functional. Cost range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

Nonetheless, there is a dicey relationship between performance and price. It […]

Best Projector Under $500

Let’s face it, projectors will always remain a staple piece of technology . Today, much of the technology in the consumer-space is about producing 2D images efficiently in terms of quality and affordability. In the future, as is supported by recent giant strides, projectors would evolve to produce 3D and/or […]

Best Projector Screen

It is no secret that the viewing experience from a theater setup is better than from big screen televisions. Although big screen televisions may have their appeal, a high-quality home-theater projector setup delivers breathtaking experience as the details come to life.

Regardless of the reason for your high-quality setup, a cinema […]

Best Headphones

Types of Headphones: An Overview
What sets apart headphones from a loudspeaker is the ability for an individual user to listen to a source of music or other audio, privately. Over the years, headphones have evolved from a pair of small loudspeakers that were simply held closely to the person’s ear, […]

Best 4k Projectors

When 720p HD was unveiled, our imaginations were piqued. From then on, there have been major steps in upping the resolution gamut so we can boast of images that truly come alive. 1080p FHD and 2K UHD followed as major milestones recorded. Until well, 4K came onboard.

4K is the future, […]

Best Projector Under $200

A very accurate fun fact about projectors is that they come in every price point. Consumers love options, but an overload of options is just as awful as there not being enough options. An easier way to walk through the clutter is to match the prices with relevant specifications. This […]

Best Headphones Under $200

If you want some of the best sounding headphones available, then you’re probably expecting to spend a bit more for that enhanced musical experience. Past a certain price range the additional benefit you will attain begins to dwindle regarding the price:benefit ratio. In fact, unless you just need the best […]

Best Projector for Gaming

Gamers have eccentric needs: more so, than any group of consumers targeted by manufacturers. Everything from video game consoles, to PC processors, to gameplay and in between, has received huge updates over time; basically because the scales are lifted higher and the consumer-base always screams for more.

Hence, for gamers who […]

Best Bluetooth Earbuds

We’ve covered the best headphones, both wired and wireless, now its time for the best Bluetooth earbuds. While there are plenty of great earbuds out there, there are also plenty of mediocre products as well – if you’re going to spend your hard earned cash you may as well spend […]

Best Closed-Back Headphones

If you have a strong passion for music and want to be secluded from the rest of the noisy world, it is important to consider the advantages of closed-back headphones. Closed-back headphones excel at blocking external noise, thus providing you with complete isolation from any disturbance.

Most closed back headphones deliver […]

Best Xbox One Gaming Headset

One of the primary draws of the Xbox One, is the Xbox community and the Xbox Live gaming network. Xbox Live is the go-to online service for gamers who are looking for a more robust and entertaining multiplayer experience.

Voice chatting while playing provides a sense of camaraderie that blends well […]