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| January 30, 2015

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Google Doodle Celebrates Valentine's Day alongside George Ferris 154th Birthday

Google Doodle Celebrates Valentine’s Day alongside George Ferris 154th Birthday

Google Doodle celebrates Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2013 along with 154th birthday of George Ferris. While love is in the air, the designers at Google did a fantastic job of combining both the themes into one. When you go to your Google Homepage you will see a full-fledged carnival done with live smooth animations. The carnival takes place on a blue clear night where the letters of the company is represented by various rides. Obviously you have the two O’s as separate ferris wheel. There is a love button at the center of the Doodle that can be pressed to spin the Ferris Wheel harder and reveal a combination of weird lovers. These lovers seemed to be watching each other from the two separate rides and you get a comical effect of their first attraction and a short clipart story to represent it.

Valentine's Day Ferris Wheel Google Doodle 2013

George Ferris was an American Engineer born today in 1859. He invented the famous Ferris Wheel which is named after his surname. While the building blocks of the wheel might have changed over so many year with electric motors and stuff, the true science set forth by George is still at the heart of every Ferris Wheel. As far as the Doodle is concerned we think it’s one of the best from Google and certainly the top doodle of 2013 so far. Looks like Valentine’s Day just got a little spinner.

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