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| January 27, 2015

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Top Features of the new Google+ Redesign 2013 [Video Tutorial] - PriceNFees

Top Features of the new Google+ Redesign 2013 [Video Tutorial]

Google has been working hard with their Google+ social platform for quite some time now. At this year’s IO conference Vic Gundotra announced another major redesign to their social network. Now that all of you have received the new update it’s time to dig deep and find out some of the useful functionalities that you can use to improve your overall Google+ experience.

Before playing the tutorial video it’s important to understand where Google+ is headed and the major difference between them and Facebook. Even today, I still believe that Facebook is for personal use and Google+ is more of a social discovery network to find great things in any topic of your interest. Their new design is reflective of their philosophy where you have all the updates as singular cards rather than a traditional stream. Some people even call the new design as Google’s version of Pinterest.

One of the most promising additions in Google+ is the brand new photos application that lets you add a ton of effects and ensure that all your pictures look sharp and accurate. As a matter of fact, I tested their new photo features myself and I think that they have worked hard to ensure that each and every effect is existent and you don’t need to tackle with complicated functionalities in order to apply them.

The Card based update system also allows you to explore relevant hash=tags and other interesting content and I loved the way the original post flips over to make room for your discovery and exploration pertaining to a single topic.

Below is the video tutorial that shows you each and every new feature of Google+. Please watch it carefully and if you have any questions feel free to use the comments section below.


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