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| February 2, 2015

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Instagram For Android Full Review - PriceNFees

Instagram For Android Full Review

As you know Instagram was launched for the Android Market on 3rd April 2012 and  it got over 500,000 downloads over a span of just more than 24 hours. Instagram is not something new and is very popular among iOS users. The Company initially gained their massive following in the Apple App Store and now hey come with a refreshing simple look for the diverse android market.

One of the most challenging feature for Instagram was to make their Android App flexible so that it can be used by a wider range of smartphones and tablet. Its not just ipad or iphone anymore and I must say their overall layout is quite felxible and adaptive for all screen sizes.


If you are an Android user then the first thing you will be prompted when you launch the app for the first time is to create an account. Once you are done creating an account you will soon get a list of people you can follow based on your Twitter and Facebook Accounts. Make sure you connect you social media accounts so that you may have the previledge of sharing your photos to those service.

Instagram For Android Interface


The Homescreen shows feeds from all people you are following with a blue Instagram bar on top. The blue bar mainly allows you to go back to the previous page when you are navigating inside the Application. At the bottom you have 5 beautiful tabs for easy access to certain areas like your likes, your profile, your feed with a central tab that takes you to your camera.


Navigating inside Instagram for Android is simple and fast. However I do feel they should have given an on screen intro tutorial for not so tech savvy first time users of the app. People unfamiliar with Instagram and using it for the first time with their Android devices might take a while to understand how the entire app works.


For the Camera Application inside Instagram there are certain controls like brightness and flash (on/off). I feel these options must be illustrated a bit more. Also the camera is kind of weird with no auto rotation detect and you can only capture image inside a certain fixed frame.

Instagram For Android Camera App


Once you click the picture you can adjust the brightness on top and apply from a list of cool effects and make your photo look much better than before. Once you are happy with your edit then it takes a click for you to enter a caption and then upload the image. While uploading you can share the image via Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. There is also a feature for Geo-Location Tagging.


Overall the Instagram for Android app does the job as fast as iphone’s and ipad’s. Photo snapping and effect processing is quick and the whole experience is quick, satisfying and snappy.


Good Job Instagram. Looks like all that eager anticipation for the Android version of Instagram finally paid off.

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