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| February 1, 2015

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Most Successful Android Smartphones in 2012 - PriceNFees

Most Successful Android Smartphones in 2012
  • On January 18, 2013

2012 is a year that has been characterized by a variety of android phones. Phones manufacturers introduced different android phones that are worth of notice before deciding which the right one for you is. This makes it important for you to know the newest brands that have been introduced by the phone manufactures .knowing the different android phone features makes it easy for to purchase the best phone that you will never rage having spent your money. Here is a list of the most successful android phones in the year 2012.


In the top list is the Samsung galaxy S3. The phone is nearly similar to the iPhone. It features an impressive suite sharing capability that no other phone has ever featured it. The body of phone is slim enough that you feel great holding it while its beautiful big display makes you see your content without having to scroll for long. The phone has a random access memory (RAM) of two gigabyte. This makes it to process the information in a very fast manner compared to the other phones.


Nexus 4

The second best android phone that you consider buying is the Nexus 4 which has been termed as the Google’s flag ship because of its unique access of the internet. The phone comes with a unique affordable price which brings these unique android features close to you. Some of the features found in Nexus 4 android smart phone are the future proof specs and big beautiful screen display.

Google Nexus 4 All Angles

Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the third ranked phone in the year 2012 that you can also consider buying. The device has made it difficult to people to distinguish whether it is tablet or a normal phone. The fact is that the phone can fit well in both worlds. The phone features a unique S pen technology and camera sharing capabilities. It is easily held and simple to carry around.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2


The HTC DROID DNA takes its place as the fourth best 2012 android phone. The device is beautiful to look at and has surprisingly smaller stature than the Note 2 Another future that makes this phone one of the best to carry around is the lightness and simplicity of the phone. The awesome display of this device has made to be one the highest demanded by many people… the battery is long lasting when well charged.

HTC Droid DNA All Angle Shots


The HTC ONE X is the fifth top ranked 2012 android phone. The phone provides a good opportunity for business that requires a large beautiful display which happens to be one of the unique features of this phone. The phone features a special inbuilt processor and is easily to hold it in your hand. The smart shape of the phone and the cover makes it beatify to look at with your first glance. The good thing about the device is the long lasting battery that stands for a whole day with just a single charge.



The Motorola DROID RAZZR MAXX AD is surprisingly below the RAZZR M with a long lasting battery that takes you through for many days when well charged. The device features a good HD display that makes it easy to view all you need with a few scrolls.

Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX


The LG OPTIUM G is really an aspiration you can consider as it looks similar to the Nexus 4. The device has a good processor display and unique refection. The RAM is just fit as it makes you get the information you want first. The Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX and the HTC ONE S are also some of the last phones that find their way at the last part of the list that you consider selecting.

LG Optimum G Front View

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