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| February 1, 2015

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Samsung Launches Galaxy S4 with innovative new features - PriceNFees

Samsung Launches Galaxy S4 with innovative new features

Samsung just unveiled their flagship Galaxy S4 at an event in New York. I can’t help but wonder why every smartphone manufacturer is choosing NY as their launch destination. The Galaxy S4 looks pretty similar to the earlier SGS3 model but comes packed with some innovative new features. First of all you have a full HD 1080p display with 441 Pixels per Inch (PPI) making it as crisp as the recently launched HTC One. Apart from the 5 inch screen the SGS4 comes packed with the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean mobile operating system.

While you might complain that there is not much difference outside when you look at phone, the wide range of improvements are fitted inside with some pretty cool features. Firstly, you have an all-new 13 Megapixel Camera that records 1080o video. The front 2 MP camera is also HD and there is an inbuilt software which allows you to record both the cameras at the same time and merge them into a single video file. The software is kind of similar to what we are used to doing in iMovie. Another major advancement for the Galaxy S4 is the inclusion of a brand new way to interact with your phone. AirView and AirGestures allow you to control the screen without touching it. You heard me right! Just swipe on top of the screen and the Galaxy S4 will track and respond to each and every gesture. AirView is something that we have not seen in any other smartphone till date.

SGS4 Front Back

This version of Jelly Bean comes pre-loaded with a bunch of Samsung optimized software. One of the most notable software is something called S-Health that tracks your steps, heartbeat, food-consumption and maintains an appropriate health chart. There are two models of 32 and 64 GB with support of Micro-SD card slots. The Galaxy S4 will be available in Q2 to almost all major countries and carriers across the globe. This is by far the biggest and fastest smartphone release we have ever seen. As of pricing, Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything yet but you can expect the 32 GB S4 (unlocked) to cost around 600 USD.

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