Ever Since the launch of the Apple Ipad people started finding new and innovative ways to use it. Although there are hundreds and thousands of Application to cater to any possible demand but sometimes  you just need a physical add-on or accessory to make the Ipad eve more effective. Recently  there is a new type of Ipad casing that was introduced to the market called the Crux 260 for the Ipad. The Crux 360 is an external shell that can turn your Ipad into a laptop and also offer flexible ways to use the shell and the device in various combinations.

The Crux 360 is all black matte in color and consists of a keyboard with a upper attachment and a detachable attachment that actually fits on top of the Ipad. The best part of the device is that when you fit the Ipad then you can actually see the Apple Logo in between a hollow space at the back. The Ipad fits perfectly into the device allowing you to get the feel of a compact laptop. The Upper Portion is 360 degree foldable which means that you can even make it look a two sided device with the Ipad in one end and the keyboard on the other.

The Keyboard itself is very spacious and has a rubber like finish to it allowing you to type with ease. However there are some problems with the ultra short space-bar and also the ‘unorthodoxly’ placed delete button.  Also the keys are placed a bit high allowing dirt to settle inside the keys quite easily. At the top right side the keyboard we have  the standard power button and also some IOS buttons like play, pause, lock etc. The right side also features a  USB connectivity area which is used to charge the device. Your Ipad is connected to the Crux 360 via Bluetooth .

Typing with the Crux 360 Ipad 2 Keyboard  is a breeze. The keys are laid out quite well allowing you to type conveniently. However one thing  that’s lacking is that the keys do not have backlit LED Displays.  Overall the Crux 360 Ipad 2 Keyboard is a nice add-on to your Ipad. A must look for on the go bloggers and content producers.

Price – $148