1. Introduction
  2. List of video cards
  3. Testbed configurations, benchmarks
  4. Test results: ALL DIAGRAMS ON ONE PAGE
  5. Test results: Serious Sam: The Second Encounter
  6. Test results: Code Creatures DEMO
  7. Test results: Unreal Tournament 2003
  8. Test results: Unreal II: The Awakening
  9. Test results: RightMark 3D
  10. Test results: TRAOD
  11. Test results: FarCry
  12. Test results: Call Of Duty
  13. Test results: HALO: Combat Evolved
  14. Test results: Painkiller
  15. Test results: Splinter Cell
  16. Test results: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  17. Test results: Quake3 Arena
  18. Test results: DOOM III
  19. Conclusions


It took us almost a month to carry out all the tests, which results we are presenting to you now. This task has traditionally become annual, but this time we publish the results in October instead of December. We believe that this report will help many users compare certain video cards to each other and choose a correct purchase on the threshold of holidays, if they are planning to buy a 3D accelerator, of course.

We have tested 101 video cards in 14 tests at two resolutions – 800×600 and 1024×768. These resolutions are selected to demonstrate the capacity and potential of old and weak (for these days) accelerators. But some of them (the most powerful) have also been tested with AA (antialiasing) 4x and AF (anisotropic filtering) 16x (or 8x in those cards, where AF is limited to this rate). Quality settings – Quality/High Quality.

So, the list of video cards. Contenders are listed in the CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, approximately according to their appearance on the market.